Women's health

Women's Health Contraception, Menopause, Sexually transmitted diseases

Women's health is usually related to women physiology, diseases which may occur in women, birth control (contraception), pregnancy, breastfeeding, sexual life. Exactly this requires from women to take care of her health and pay more attention to active life style, appropriat...

Women's Health Contraception, Menopause, Sexually transmitted diseases

Women's health is usually related to women physiology, diseases which may occur in women, birth control (contraception), pregnancy, breastfeeding, sexual life. Exactly this requires from women to take care of her health and pay more attention to active life style, appropriate nutrition, and regular physical examination. However, to be a healthy women means not only to stay healthy, but being in harmonious relationships, being cheerful, happy of everyday.

It is common known that to prevent the diseases is much easier than to treat them. To stay healthy a women needs regularly examine her organism by passing certain tests like:

  • X-ray examination of the breast which is also known as mammogram
  • High cholesterol tests
  • Bone mineral density tests
  • Tests which helps to determine different types of cancer
  • Sexually transmitted diseases tests

To stay healthy also means to have appropriative nutrition (reach in fruits and vegetables), practice sport (moderate physical exercises), and when necessary taking certain medications and trying to be all the time emotionally positive.

The most wide spreads diseases which may occur in women may include:

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (sexually transmitted infections) include a wide range of the infectious diseases which are transmitted through the sexual intercourse. STD includes bacterial infections such as:

  • Syphilis
  • Non-gonococcal urethritis
  • Chlamydia infections
  • Gonorrhea
  • Granuloma inguinale
  • Chancroid

Fungal infections:

  • Candida infection (thrush), also known as yeast infection
  • Tinea cruris

Infections caused by viruses:

  • Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C
  • Human papillomavirus HPV which is responsible for cervical cancer and anal cancer
  • Herpes Simplex viruses type 1 and 2
  • Molluscum contagiosum virus MCV

Infections caused by Protozoa:

  • Trichomoniasus

Infections caused by some parasites:

  • Scabies
  • Crab louse

Another type of women health diseases include: hormonal disorders. The hormones are produced by the endocrine system which includes the following glands L ovaries, adrenal cortex, pancreases, thyroid and parathyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus. The hormones produced by these glands regulate metabolism, water-electrolyte balance, reproduction and sexual function, resistance to the negative factors.

The most widespread women hormonal disorders include:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
(PCOS) affects more than 7% of all women. The symptoms of PCOS include irregular menstrual cycle, increases body hair growth, acne, weight gain, skin problems.

Another hormonal disorder which affects more than 20 percentages of women in menopause is thyroid diseases like hypothyroidism (insufficiency of thyroid hormones) and hyperthyroidism (increased production of thyroid hormones).

Adrenal fatigue
is also one of the common hormonal disorders. The symptoms of fatigue include skin problems, autoimmune disorders, and weakness, dysfunction of the immune system, hormonal imbalance, and depression. Usually adrenal fatigue is caused by the physical and mental overloads. To avoid the disease a woman should resting more, sleeping enough, reducing stress and eating health food.


Menopause is a normal physiological process, which takes place at a certain age in every woman. But in some women this process can have a pathological character.  Psthological character is usually related to heredity, ecology, environment, surgical interventions on the female reproductive system, the number of births, abortions and miscarriages in women. Menopause - is one of the physiological processes that affects the whole female organism. Menopause is characterized by a complete termination the production of female sex hormones - estogens, termination of menstrual cycle changes in the mucous membrane of the vagina (appears dry), a decrease of the uterus size. The most of women tolerates menopause without any complications. However, because of the some causes some women may experience some problems like tendency to stress, mood changes, drowsiness, blood pressure disorders, and nervousness. In 10-15% of women menopause has a pathological character. This manifests in frequent hot flashes, high blood pressure, and weight gain, changes in water-electrolyte balance, mental problems, and uterine dysfunctional bleedings. Menopause is considered one of the main causes of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease when the bones become less firm and became susceptible to fractures.


Contraception is directly related to women's health. Contraception is prevention of unwanted (undesirable) pregnancy in a regular or casual sex. Currently there are known a wide range of contraception methods which will help women to prevent the undesirable pregnancy. The most wide spread and effective is considered hormonal contraception Hormonal contraception includes the application of hormonal birth control pills such as Logest, Yasmin, Diane-35 and others.

As we see womens health includes a lot of aspects which should be controlled by women during all their life. An appropriate care of the women's health will help to live a happy and long life.


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