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Tazarotene cream is a topical medication used to treat plaque psoriasis and acne in adults and teenagers.    It comes in the form of cream 0.01% 15g made by Glenmark under the name Tazret.

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The information provided below corresponds to the official product information from Patient Information Leaflet provided by the manufacturer. The text does not contain any of medical advices, mode of administration and prescription plans. Before beginning any treatment, we kindly advise you to consult your healthcare provider.

Tazarotene Cream 0.1 %

Tazarotene cream is a topical medication used to treat plaque psoriasis and acne in adults and teenagers.    It comes in the form of cream 0.01% 15g made by Glenmark under the name Tazret. Tazarotene cream is available under different trade names such as Tazorac or Avage.

Therapeutic action

Generic Tazorac (tazarotene) is a prodrug meaning that comes in the not active form. After application, the inactive form of tazarotene is converted into its active form under the influence of certain enzymes. Chemically, Tazorac is related to Vitamin A.

Action mechanism of Tazret cream is associated with suppressing inflammatory reactions in the skin follicles and retardation of rapid skin cells regeneration.

Clinical indications

Tazarotene cream 0.1% is a topical medication used to treat plaque psoriasis and acne. It comes in the form of cream  0.1%

Like many other retinoid creams, tazorac generic may make skin appear worse before the improvement. Usually this manifests in irritation, redness and flaky. With time, the situation gets better. Generic Tazorac can be used as monotherapy or in combination with other acne medications.

Off-label Tazarotene cream uses include:

  • Actinic keratosis
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Signs of sun damage, such as fine wrinkles or spots.
  • Keratosis pilaris

Dosage and administration

Tazarotene cream is usually applied on the affected area once daily.  In case of skin irritation, redness and burning, your doctor may recommend to use the medication every other day or even less  frequently.  Since generic Tazorac (tazarotene cream 0.1%) cream increases sensitivity to light, your healthcare provide may recommend to use a  sunscreen of at least SPF15.

Tazorac should never be used by pregnant therefore women should have negative pregnancy test before starting the treatment with tazarotene cream.

Contraindications and cautions

Tazarotene is contraindicated for use in:

  • Hypersensitivity to any of the medication ingredients
  • Eczema
  • Sunburn
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding

Tazarotene should never be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers because of very high risk of birth defects.

Avoid contact with the eyes, eyelids, and mouth.

Avoid exposure to sunlight

If you developed a sunburn, you need to stop taking the medication immediately.

Side effects:

The most common Tazarotene side effects include: itching, redness, burning sensation, peeling skin, dry skin, psoriasis symptoms, pain in the place of application, skin irritation

Less common Tazarotene cream side effects include: stinging, dermatitis, eczema, skin rash, bleedings, skin discoloration, swelling.

Tazarotene drug interaction:

Tazarotene cream should not be applied with the following groups of drugs:

  • Fluoroquinolone antibiotics
  • Phenothiazine medications
  • Sulfonamides
  • Tetracycline antibiotics such as Doxycycline
  • Thiazide diuretics (and thiazide-like diuretics)

This info corresponds to official PIL provided by legal manufacturer and reviewed by: Dr. Rohit Bansali N.


No acne anymore

After I enter into the college, I had the problem of acne in my face. Though it was not distributed to the entire face, it was mainly focussed on the cheeks. The acne turned to the blackheads, which in turn led to the formation of large pores. The large pores completely decreased the beauty of my face and my confidence to the outside world. I consulted the doctor and he advised me to put Tazarotene regularly as the treatment for the large pores. On applying for last 2 months, I noticed a complete change in the face and I am satisfied now.

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From catherine farrar | 2017-07-09 20:33:58

Is the strength on this product 0.1% or 0.01%? Your description describes both.


It's 0.1 %

From jackie shaddinger | 2015-05-28 15:38:07

why is shipping so high?


Dear Jackie, As of now you can benefit of free shipping option on orders over $120.

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