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Acne treatment: Zineryt, Skinoren, Curiosin, Retin-A, Accutane (Roaccutane)

What is acne?
What is acne? Acne is one of the most widespread diseases which affect millions of people around the world. Acne is a skin diseases associated with inflammation and dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.   Although acne is not a life-threatening diseases, in...

Acne treatment: Zineryt, Skinoren, Curiosin, Retin-A, Accutane (Roaccutane)

What is acne?
What is acne? Acne is one of the most widespread diseases which affect millions of people around the world. Acne is a skin diseases associated with inflammation and dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.   Although acne is not a life-threatening diseases, in severe cases in may causes permanent scarring. This may lead to different social problems and even some diseases like depression in certain  people. In most cases the diseases can successfully be treated.

Who can get acne?

Acne is very widespread problem. Nearly 85% of all human beings have ever had acne at the age 12-24.  However the severity of the diseases can differ, in most people acne is not a severe and permanent diseases. However in some categories of people acne may cause severe scarring.

Which acne types may occur? The most common acne types include:

  • Cysts (Cysts - the most severe type of acne. They are deep, painful, in most cases cause severe scarring)
  • Nodules (Nodules is severe deep acne, very painful and solid)
  • Pustules (Pustules or pimple usually have a red color. In most cases they are filled with pus.
  • Papules (Papules- usually look like a pink bumps on the skin
  • Blackheads (Whitehead is a camedo (plugged hair follicle) which produces a white bump.
  • Whiteheads (Whitehead is a camedo (plugged hair follicle) which produces a white bump.

Among these acne types the most common are blackheads and whiteheads.

Why does acne occur?

Pimples are observed in the most people beginning from the adolescence. The exact cause of acne is still not known, however a number of scientific researches allowed to determine the causal relationship between certain acne and certain physical conditions:

  • Increased production of hormones during adolescence (this increases the risk for oil gland to be plugged up)
  • Hormonal changes in pregnant women
  • Taking certain birth control pulls
  • Taking certain medications
  • Some sort of greasy cosmetics

It is considered that male sex hormones (androgens) stimulate the enlargement of the oil gland causing more sebum production and increases keratinization (increase formation of new cells in the follicle).The masses of keratin, cells mixed with sebum can plug up the follicle. In results a comedo or pimples occur.  Inside the plugged up follicle bacterial begin to grow up and multiply. Microorganisms produce toxic substances and inflammation occurs. The abruption of follicle causes the spread of inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

Genetics. Some sort of investigation show that one of acne causes is hereditary. Some researchers believe if anybody in the family has or had acne, their children will have acne and have a high risk for acne development as well.
Medical preparations. Certain medications like lithium can cause acne. The exact mechanism is not known.

Greasy cosmetics are also considered as one of acne causes. Greasy cosmetics may stimulate the production of sebum causing a follicle to be plugged up.

Acne stages

Health care providers define 4 main acne stages:

1) Light form of acne. There are some whiteheads and blackheads. The inflammation is not observed.  Light acne can successfully be treated. In most cases it is enough to follow skin care tips and special diet (low fats diet). The medication like Skinoren or Curiosin can be taken as well.

2)Moderate acne.  The amount of blackheads and whiteheads are from 20 to 40. This type of acne can be treated with medications like Zineryt, Retin-A.

3)Moderate and severe acne. The amount of pimples is from 20 to 40.  The treatment should be carried by dermatologists. The duration of treatment is several months.

4) Severe acne. Severe acne is determined when the amount of pimples are more than 40. The treatment is indicated by health care providers and usually includes prescription medications. The duration of treatment is quite prolonged.

How acne is treated?

Acne can be treated by patients on their own or by dermatologists. In mild and moderate acne the patients may choose a wide variety of medicines which are sold over-the-counter. The most effective and widespread diseases are Retin-A, Zineryt, Curiosin, Skinoren.  Is severe acne a dermatologists can prescribe Accutane (Roaccutane) which is an prescription medication (available only with a doctors prescription)

Let's talk about some of the over-the-counter acne medications.


Zineryt is a combined preparation which consists of two active compounds: erythromycin and Zinc. The preparation is produced in the form of powder for solution preparation which contains 1.2g of erythromycin and 360mg of Zinc acetate in one pack with solvent and applicator. Erythromycin is an antibiotic with works by preventing the growth of spread of the microorganisms which grow and multiply in the follicle. In combination with zinc acetate erythromycin becomes more effective because zinc acetate helps to prevent the resistant of the microorganisms to erythromycin.

Zineryt exerts a complex action:

  •          Antibacterial
  •          Anti-inflammatory
  •          Decreases the amount of blackheads and whiteheads
  •          Lowers the greasy of the skin

The expected therapeutic effect is usually observed in 2 weeks after beginning the treatment with Zineryt.  These are some Zineryt advantages:

  •          Zineryt does not cause irritation of the skin
  •          Zineryt solution is colorless
  •          Zineryt can be used along with cosmetics
  •          Zineryt can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding (only after consultation with your doctor)
  •          Zineryt does have severe contraindications (besides hypersensitivity)
  •          Prepared solution can be stored for a period of 5 weeks

Zineryt disadvantages include: The medication can cause dryness of the skin.


Another medication for acne treatment is Skinoren. Skinoren is available in 2 pharmaceutical formulations like gel and cream. Skinoren gel is intended for greasy skin, cream for dry skin (in order to moisture the skin and not to cause dryness and irritation).  The concentration of azelaic acid in gel is 15%, cream is 20%. Gel is penetrated into the skin more deeply.

Skinoren contains azelaic acid which exerts antibacterial, anti-comedo and anti-inflammatory effects. This makes the medication very effective and useful for acne treatment. Skinoren does not cause addiction and successfully helps to treat light and moderate acne.  In spite of its high efficiency Skinoren may cause different side effects (especially at the beginning of therapy). The most common of them are redness, irritation, burning of the skin.


Curiosin is also anti-acne medication. Curiosin was invented by the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter. The main advantages of Curiosin gel are the following:

  •      Curiosin helps to relive mild and moderate acne
  •          Curiosin contains natural active ingredients
  •          Curiosin can be used in scarring prophylaxis
  •          Curiosin is well tolerable
  •          Regular use of Curiosin helps to prevent recurrences
  •          Curiosin is quickly absorbed into the skin

Cursion disadvantages include: the medication is not effective for everyone. In certain cases may cause side effects.


Retin-A is a natural retinoid metabolite which is used for acne treatment for more than 20 years. In spite of its high efficiency the medication has a wide range of contraindication.

If you need a qualified consultation you can ask our qualified customer support. You are always welcome.


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