Understanding the Anatomy of Eyelashes and Growth Options Available

Apr.23, 2013

A person’s impression to others plays a vital role in developing a lasting relationship either in business or private relationship. Factors like how you appear to others in terms of posture, fashion and communication basically brings impact in building an impression. Everything about posture and physical appearance can be achieved plausibly with the aid of new technology. However, it is important to deal with the problem squarely and intelligently. First, determine the underlying reason why you are deficient in this aspect. From there, work your way towards the direction of resolving the issue by imposing your dedication towards meeting a definite endpoint.

Important facts about our eyelashes:

It is interesting to know that an average person’s eyelashes are calculated to have at least 100 eyelashes in the upper eyelids and 75 in the lower eyelids. Its length varies from each person’s racial component, but the average length is between 8 to 12 mm in the upper eyelids, while 6-8 mm in the lower eyelids.

Studies revealed that three to five eyelashes falls from our eyelids daily, however this does not cause to alarm because this is a natural cycle and is replaced with a new one. It is also made known that the living existence of our eyelash is calculated to be three to six months at average, its growth will last for about 30 days.

Factors that affects eyelash growth:

Eyelash growth is composed of three phases: the Anagen phase, the Catagen cycle and the Telogen Phase. The Anagen phase lasts for about 7 weeks and this stage is where 30 % of your lashes achieve its active growth. The Catagen Phase is where an interruption of the growth cycle is encountered. The growth of your lashes in this stage begins to stop. This stage will usually occur within 3 weeks duration. The Telogen stage is the last stage of eyelash growth before they began to fall from your eyelids.

The above mentioned cycle is the usual stage of our eyelash growth; however, our eyelash growth varies depending different factors that affects the growth of our lashes like poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle and age.

Eyelash growth options:

There are however persons who are genetically blessed with beautiful eyelashes that does not require eyelash growth enhancer product to do the thing. But for those who lacks this genetic code finds option in the following method available:

  • Natural Method-establishing a healthy lifestyle and proper diet will enhance eyelash growth. Stay away with junk foods and maintain a diet rich in Vitamin H (Biotin), a vitamin B-complex found in egg yolks. Fish, beans and yoghurt has also existing natural component essential in stimulating hair growth.

  • Surgical method- permanent solution to inadequate eyelashes is through eyelash transplant surgery. This method is usually applied on persons who are unable to grow their lashes because of injury and accidents such as burns. The person is sedated through the use of local anesthesia before a hair is transplanted under the eyelids.

  • Bimatoprost

Cosmetic enhancers- Enhancers such as mascara, false eyelashes and eyelash conditioner are few of the method to enhance the look of your eyelashes. Topical solutions containing Bimatoprost and Lanaprost formulation is also widely used to enhance eyelash growth.

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