Latisse a permanent solution to thin and sturdy eyelashes

Apr.26, 2013

As early as the early century, women recognize the need to have long and beautiful eyelashes. This maybe the asset of Cleopatra why Mark Anthony falls for her, or this maybe the reason why Romeo was undyingly in love with Juliet. The time has evolved and the same view has been maintained and accepted in our society. That’s maybe why the demand of lash curlers, mascara or even falls eyelashes and eyelash extensions is widely encompassing.

Long and beautiful eyelash is an envy to many, and who would not admit, this thing gives a wonderful highlight to your face. Interestingly though, according to research 3 to 5 eyelashes falls from our eyelids every day. This does not cause to worry because this will be replaced by a new one and will achieve its full growth between 4 to 8 weeks.

The disadvantage of conventional method… and the rise of new eyelash growth serum…

Not all of us are lucky to have long, full and healthy lashes. Some even seek medical attention to give relief to this dilemma. Cosmetic eyelash enhancers like mascara and eyelash curlers is commonly used by some who wants to give volume and thickness of their eyelash. This may take a couple of minutes but if this has become a habit, this will come as handy as combing ones hair. Although this method only provides temporary effect, use of such has come a long way and is widely embraced by women in enhancing the beauty of their face.

Aside from cosmetic enhancers, women who want to look their best uses fake eyelashes to give effect on volume and beauty. However, false eyelashes is just only a trick, some of its kind can be ascertained at first glance. Using this stuff is just a deception to others as you deceived yourself. Good thing though, a new formula called Bimatoprost has takes its way to provide permanent solution to thin and sturdy lashes. As of the second quarter of 2010, this pharmaceutical ingredient is circulated in the US market under the brand name Latisse®.

The most common Latisse side effects.

For less than 2 years in the business, Latisse has become widely known in increasing the volume and length of eyelashes. There is however some complaint as to its side effects, but this are only trivial and temporary compared to the underlying benefit it offered. The most common side effects of Latisse® are the following:

  • Redness of the eye

  • Eye itching

To prevent the occurrence of these unwanted side effects, caution must be exercised and it is important to strictly follow the Doctor’s order on the use of this prescription-only serum.

To buy or not to buy Latisse?

There are various ways to enhance your beauty but most products only give you temporary solution and would drain your pocket in due time. As of today, variety of eyelash growth treatment is widely introduced and is offered in different form substance and packaging. All of them have the same tagline and promising offer that may sometime mislead the ordinary customers in patronizing their product. It is important to exercise your own product research before being caught in some kind of marketing strategy.

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