How to grow eyelashes back

Jun.25, 2013

grow eyelashes backThis article will focus on educating you how to grow eyelashes back. People who are unable to grow their eyelashes are known to suffer from a condition known as eyelashes hypotrichosis. In order to be able to grow these one needs to be able to simulate the hair follicle in the eyelids. Eyelash growth stops because of the inability of these follicles to be able to grow hair on their own or because the time span within which these follicles can grow hair is shortened by external and/or internal factors (such as genetics in some cases). The use of products with bimatoprost would be very helpful. These products are inclusive of Latisse and Lumigan.

If you want to know how to grow eyelashes back you first have to know how these products work. What they do is that, with the aid of bimatoprost, the time span in which these can be grown is increased and it is within this time span that the follicles in the eyelids are simulated so that they are able to grow hair (or eyelashes in case of hypotrichosis).

All you have to worry about is getting the product in order to be able to implement what you know about how to grow eyelashes back.

Applying this under the lower margin of the upper eyelid would help achieve this.

Anyone can use these products though it would be better to consult a doctor before going for the product.

Wash your face so that any dirt or makeup is wiped off and you are clean. For the product to be effective you need to ensure that nothing is blocking the follicles and dirt and makeup often does this by covering the pores. Hence, use face wash or soap to remove these.

Take out any contact lens or spectacle you may be wearing and use a tissue so that your eyes (at the very least) are completely dry.  Now here’s how to grow eyelashes back:

Take a Q-tip or applicator and dip into Latisse or Lumigan. Do not apply too much of these. Use a moderate amount. Apply these under the lower margin of your upper eyelid. Move the Q-tip or applicator along your eyelashes to apply this and then, close your eyes. It would be preferable that you do this right before sleeping to avoid contact with dust.

Unless you are someone with a skin condition or a skin allergy, you have no reason to worry about using the product. You just need to know

how to grow eyelashes back.

If you fear you have the tendency of developing one, then, consult a doctor first.

Common side effects include wateriness or dryness of the eyes, irritation or a slight burning sensation in the eyes while more serious ones include dizziness and inflammation of the eyelids.

Interesting fact

You may even go for products such as vitamin E or Vaseline since these are known to help as well though products with bimatoprost are known to be twice as effective as these products since bimatoprost products simulate hair follicles

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