How can I get longer eyelashes?

Jun.22, 2013

how to get longer eyelashesSo many people (women in particular) often ask themselves, beauticians or people working at beauty parlors one common question:

How can I get longer eyelashes?

Many people do not have longer eyelashes because of one of the following reasons: they may not be able to grow their eyelashes beyond a certain point due to genetics, eyelash hypotrichosis or poor nutrition. These are common factors due to which people have short or less eyelashes than the average person which are not very prominent either. These can be fixed by improving your diet, applying olive oil or going for eyelash extensions. You would no longer be wondering How can I get longer eyelashes? once you try out these methods.

Olive oil is known to help increase the length of hair on the head and to improve its thickness, too, by providing the hair follicles with nutrients that they need in order to increase the length of the hair. This applies to the eyelashes as well.

Eyelash extensions can be used to make it seem like you have longer eyelashes (than the real size of your eyelashes) but if you want to make your eyelashes seem temporarily longer, you could go for these.

Including more protein in your diet would definitely help since the strength of the eyelashes is increased via protein and protein breaks down into amino acids which are required by the hair follicles in the eyelids in order to grow hair or to improve the length of the eyelashes. Since your questions is How can I get longer eyelashes? we will focus upon the usage of olive oil and increasing protein intake so that you know how to increase the length of the eyelashes you already do have.

You may use olive oil in the morning or at night, before sleeping (once a day) while protein intake can be increased by taking small protein-rich meals and snacks throughout the day.

Where olive oil is concerned, you can apply this whenever you want though it would be best to use an applicator or a Q-tip. Dip this into the olive and move it along the lower margin of your upper eyelid. This way the olive oil would be applied properly and would strengthen

Another answer to the question

How can I get longer eyelashes?

is to increase your protein intake in order to strengthen your eyelashes. This can be done by including 25-30 grams of protein in small meals (preferably 5-6 small meals throughout the day).

Be careful when applying the olive oil- you don’t want to end up poking your eye out with the Q-tip.

Where protein intake is concerned, consult your doctor before increasing your intake in case you suffer from a health condition or have the tendency to (many people state they have uric acid issues due to an increase in protein intake).

Though the application of olive oil does not have any side effects, those of you who go for an increased intake of protein should get yourselves checked since proteins can have adverse effects upon the body if they are not utilized.

Hopefully this article will help answer the question:

How can I get longer eyelashes?

Interesting facts

Protein is a very useful nutrient and the protein intake also affects our hearts since it is all muscle!

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