Grow eyelashes naturally

Jun.14, 2013

Grow your eyelashes naturallygrow eyelashes naturally

Many people may have a certain condition due to which they cannot grow eyelashes naturally. This may either be due to a poor diet or because of the intake of the wrong kinds of foods (though there aren’t any that actually causes hair loss). There are many things one could do to be able to do so and one of these things is to fix your diet.

So, what could you do in order to fix your diet and grow eyelashes naturally?

Have more protein. Protein helps hair and nails grow and in addition to this it also helps improve the complexion. That is why many people often go for, what is known as, “protein facials”. Since eyelashes are mostly hair, they need protein to grow and to strengthen them. Without protein you would notice that even the hair on your head will become brittle and they would fall and break easily.

If you want to grow eyelashes naturally you could increase your protein intake and see how that works out for you. A large number of people have given a positive feedback in response to the consumption of a higher amount of protein where hair growth is concerned. You could include other things to grow eyelashes natural. Olive oil is one such product- it is natural and all you have to do is to apply it on to your eyelashes with a Q-tip. Anyone can use these methods in order to improve eyelash growth.

Grow eyelashes naturally with protein

If you are going to be increasing your protein intake to grow eyelashes naturally you could try doubling the protein-rich foods’ quantities. If you would rather apply something like olive oil or Vaseline to be able to grow your eyelashes on your own, just be sure to clean off any make up or dust before doing so. It would be preferable if you went for face wash before applying these though some soap would be just fine too.

You could even apply vitamin E instead. Dip the Q-tip in the vitamin E (or Vaseline or olive oil, depending upon whatever it is you would rather go for) and then, apply it on to your eyelashes. Do this consistently for a few days and you are bound to see results.

Do make sure you clean your face thoroughly before applying one of the products mentioned above. Apart from this do apply these every night before you sleep. That way dirt or dust won’t get into your eyes or eyelashes. Be careful when applying a product with a Q-tip, you don’t want to end up poking your eye out in the process!

There are absolutely no side effects to the use of the products mentioned above since these products are harmless and do not have any side effects.

Interesting fact

Brushing your eyelashes on a daily basis could help you if you want to grow eyelashes naturally.

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