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Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) 0.03% 3ml

Buy Generic Latisse Online - Generic Latisse (bimatoprost) Eye Drops is the only FDA approved medication in the treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate and thinning eyelashes due to poor growth of eyelashes) and glaucoma. The active formulation of this product is called bimatoprost and is available in generic form. Latisse however is under the trademark of Allergan, Inc.

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Buy Generic Latisse

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..."- Almost everybody nods in approval in this saying because in truth, beauty comes in whole package and that is, the totality of the person. Like other personal enhancement principles and theories, beauty is a matter of personal affirmation and choice. What you think about yourself will certainly show in your action and physical appearance. The very basic principle to show the beauty within you is through acceptance and love. If you affirm the beauty in you, then it will naturally flow on the way how you interact with the people in your circle. The good news...

Its good thing that there are other ways to reveal your true beauty without the fear of surgical instruments; there are beauty enhancers in the market that proves to be effective. For those who want to have sparkling eyes, work on your lashes and make it appear darker and fuller.  Use the latest beauty innovation called Latisse ® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%.

With the increasing demands of the product, it is widely encompassing that companies produced an equivalent replica of the product offered at a lower cost but with the same efficacy.

Generic form of Latisse (Generic Latisse) is now available in circulation under the following product names:

  • Bimat – manufactured by Ajanta Pharma
  • Careprost – manufactured by Sunpharma

Latisse is only available upon prescription, but with regards to its generic brand above mentioned, it can be available online without prescription. Generic Latisse is sold at low price compared to the branded name Latisse.

Pharmacological Action

Generic Latisse has the same formulation like what it contained in its branded name. It contains 0.03 % bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that works in extending the anaphase stage of eyelash growth.

Bimatoprost belongs to the class of prostaglandin medicine. These medical products affect the hair follicles and believed to improve the hair growth as well as its color making it longer and darker.

For several years, Bimatoprost has been used for the treatment of glaucoma, but it has showed significant success in enhancing the growth of eyelashes to make it appear fuller and longer.

Generic Latisse also works the same way as its branded counterpart and is available in 3ml bottle.


Generic Latisse is indicated for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Glaucoma
  • Hypotrichosis

Eye pressure that usually happens when a person is suffering from Glaucoma is decreased with the use of this medication.

Latisse generic is a top rated medication in the treatment of Hypotrichosis by improving the thickness and growth of eyelashes. Its effect is usually observed at least 12 weeks after regular use.  

Generic Latisse

Mode of Administration

The medication represents a topical solution that is administered in different way depending on the specific condition it is used for treatment.

For the treatment of Glaucoma. Generic Latisse is to be applied directly in the affected eye at one drop, once a day using an applicator that is contained in the packaging. It is to be noted that change of eye color is one of the side effect of this medicine. Application of the medicine to both eyes is recommended to have a balanced color of both eyes.

For the treatment of Hypotrichosis. Latisse generic is to be applied directly on the base of your upper eyelashes using the applicator. Care should be observed in the application of the medicine to avoid growth of hair outside the treatment area.

Wash hands properly before and after each application. Always dispose the applicator after every use.  

Generic Latisse is a once a day treatment preferably applied during bedtime. Do not increase treatment to avoid overdose and increase the occurrence of harsh side effects.

Contraindications and Cautions

The medication is contraindicated to patients who have allergic reactions to bimatoprost or any of its components. Consult your doctor regarding your compatibility of the medication. Seek medical advice if you have the following conditions:

  • Macular edema
  • Uveitis
  • Iritis
  • Prior eye surgery
  • Pregnant

Caution must be established in using Bimatoprost. The following must be observed during the use of this treatment:

  • Make sure that your hands are clean before and after application of the product to your eye or base of your upper eyelid
  • Make sure to remove contact lenses (if you are using one) before applying a drop of the Latisse generic. Wait for another 15 minutes before you can use and insert your contact lenses.
  • Dispose the applicator after every use and avoid contact to other area of the skin as this would induce hair growth outside the affected site of treatment.

Latisse Side Effects

Side effects in the use of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution may occur like any other medications. Although side effects varies on each person, most of it are however mild and will fade after awhile. The following side effects that are associated on the use of this product are commonly reported:

  • eye discomfort that usually ranges from eye itching, dry or watery eyes or mild burning sensation
  • dizziness
  • headache

Signs of allergic reactions such as breathing difficulty; hives; swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat must be reported to your health care provider at once.

Other serious side effects that are associated on the use of Generic Latisse are the following:

  • swelling and itching around the eye
  • blurred vision
  • discharge or oozing from eyes
  • increased sensitivity to light

If you observed unusual changes of your vision or other health related conditions after using generic bimatoprost, seek medical help to avoid unwanted complications.

Interactions will possibly alter the efficacy of the Generic Latisse. Possible increase or decreased efficacy of the medicine is potential. The following medicine are potential to interact with bimatoprost, the active substance of Bimatoprost:

  • Lumigan – Latisse will decrease the efficacy of Lumigan
  • Latanaprost – both medicines are indicated for the treatment of eye pressure and glaucoma. If used together, it will have reverse reactions that will decrease its efficacy by increasing eye pressure.
  • Tafluprost – the same treatment indication but if used at the same time, it will decrease the efficacy of both medications.
  • Other medications containing the same formulation as the generic Latisse

Inform your doctor of the other medications you are currently taking whether prescribed or not to avoid possible medicines interactions.

Interesting facts

Generic for Latisse is available through online purchase with less hassle in the prescription requirement that is required in the purchase of branded medicines. It has the same efficacy as to its branded counterpart but at less cost. 

Latisse questions and answers

How long will it take to see good results?
It may take nearly 12-16 weeks to achieve the maximal therapeutic effect. The medication is effective only in regular and long-term use. 

Can it be a replacement for mascara?
No, the medication should not be taken for mascara replacement. Bimatoprost is used in patients with weak growth of eyelashes. Mascara can also be appliedon the eyelashes in combination with  bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. 

What should I do if I miss a dose?
Try to follow your treatment schedule. If you miss a dose do not use the doubled dose. Apply bimatoprost ophthalmic solution next evening. 

What will happen if I stop taking Latisse?
Your eyelashes will return to their normal previous size.

Can I buy generic latisse without prescription?

Yes, you can buy Latisse without a prescription. However, you should consult your doctor prior to making an order.  

What should I do if latisse into my eye?
Latisse contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. That is why the medicine will not cause any damage and harm.

Which are the ingredients of Bimatoprost?
Bimatoprost (active ingredient), purified water, citric acid, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride. The pH during its shelf life ranges from 6.8 - 7.8. 

Where and how can I buy latisse generic?

You can buy Bimatoprost made by Sunpharma under the name Careprost at our reliable online pharmacy. You can buy the medication using your Visa Card and E-CHECK (ACH).

Latisse Reviews: 

"I am amazed of the effect of Latisse… It is comparably has equivalent effect to its branded counterpart but I save my penny in this generic brand. I now look better and I love the way how my lashes grow and its color, it does amazingly look darker...Really cool! My friends also used Generic Latisse after seeing the wonderful effect it has on me."

More information about latisse you ca see here:Latisse


good results ater using 2 month

I want to share my experience with using Bimat as an alternative for Latisse. As far as I get info from Internet, Bimat works the same. I started using it on daily basis 2 times per day and after 5 weeks the I observed real changes. My lashes became longer. I am happy with products. The only disappointment, I had to wait for 10 days for the product to arrive.


Great stuff!!

I was definitely skeptical about ordering this generic Latisse but after using it I'm a firm believer!! My eyelashes have gotten so long I'm often asked if I'm wearing false eyelashes!! Ordering again!


This stuff works!!

I ordered the generic Latisse and was honestly skeptical. After using it for about 3 or 4 weeks, I noticed my eyelashes were significantly longer than before. I will keep using it because I don't want to go back to the eyelashes that I used to have. It also arrived much quicker than I anticipated. If you are on the fence, hop off and give it a try!!

Pamella J.

My experience with latisse generic. What to expect

At the beginning I was a bit skeptical about a generic version of latisse mainly because the product is of indian origin and coming from India. As for me I think that a original Latisse we have in the USA is too expensive and I decided to try. I ordered 3 month supply, it is 3 bottles and have been using the product for one month and a half. What I want to say, the product really works, my lashes look much better and I for sure I will go on my application. I got my order in 2 weeks, all was good. Thank you for a good service.

Jennifer O.

Latisse is excellent

A friend of mine has recommended me latisse for my eyelashes which I consider are too thick and small. All the time I used mascara but the effect is not as expected and all of this is not natural for sure. I started using Latisse first bottle on May at the beginning and I must say the product really works. In May and June I used Latisse bought here locally and now I'am using a generic latise bought online on Seems generic works the same, but is 3 times cheaper. If works the same, will definitely buy again.

Lucy Powel

my experience with latisse generic

Hi, I ordered 1 bottle of Latisse generic and got the product in around 3 weeks, after 1 month of using the product as prescribed, the results were not as expected. I thought the products didnt work for me and contacted customer support. They explained me that the product must be used at least 8-10 weeks to get visible results. I ordered this time 3 bottles and now waiting for delivery.


Received 4 products instead of 3

For some unknown reason I have received 4 bottles of latisse generic instead of 3 which I ordered. I contacted customer support with intention to return the extra bottle and they informed me that the extra bottle was a gift. Thank you very much dx-health for such a great service

Melissa Pole

Latisse is good

Hi, I wanted to share my experience with purchasing Latisse generic on this website dx-health.
First of all I would like to thank you for a fast delivery . It only took 2 weeks to get the product. I ordered 3 bottles and have already been using the product for 8 week by applying it daily. I see that my eyelashes became much longer and thicker. The product really works.


❤Fast shipping❤

I palced my order on Aprin 5 and received it (London) in 2 weeks. After a month of usage my eyelashes becam much longer. ❤

King Jackson

Works on my eyebrows

I'm a man with thin blonde eyebrows. After the first month my brows seem thicker and a bit darker. The improvement is noticeable to me and my wife. I ordered a new 6-month supply. This is an overseas company that ships without requiring a prescription. This is grey area legally. I had to verify my credit card fraud alert and shipping took about 2 week. They are legit.

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From Robert | 2018-05-12 13:38:19

Does the eyelash applicator come with each order. If not can you buy the applicator .


1 applicator comes with each bottle.

From Bethany Benes | 2018-02-06 18:26:10

I had an allergy to Latisse, does this have the same formula? How long does each bottle last?


Yes the active ingredient is the same as in Latisse. The bottle lasts for about a month.

From Sheri | 2017-12-20 16:36:13

What is the expiration date typically on these?


Typically the shelf life is about 2 years.

From Marcela hall | 2017-12-06 05:56:22

I am a little afraid to use this drops. Can they make me blind?


Dear Marcela, no, this product can't make you blind. Blindness was never reported as a side effect of this drug. For more information about possible side effects, please consult your doctor.

From julie jervey | 2017-11-28 04:32:09

How do I order the 3 generic latisse to get 1 free? It doesn't show up as an option on the order page. Thanks you, Julie


Dear Julie, The gift won't show on the order page, but will be added to your order.

From Corinne | 2017-11-28 01:48:27

If I order 2 Latisse, do I automatically get a 3rd bottle or do I need a coupon code ?


Dear Corinne, As a part of our Black Friday promotion, you need to order minimum 3 bottles to get 1 free bottle. No code is required.

From Irene | 2017-11-09 01:02:13

Is this product made in the U.S.?


No, the product is made in India

From Maja | 2017-10-28 01:33:31

Hi, does generic latisse (bimaprost) for eye lash growth come in a form of eye drops or is it applied on the lashes with an applicator?


Hello, The product comes in the form of eye drops. You need to put 1 drop to the applicator and apply the product on the lashes.

From Theresa | 2017-10-18 20:34:13

Can you purchase only 1 bottle without auto shipping results? I simply would consider trying it and do not want auto ship.


Dear Theresa, Yes you can purchase 1 bottle. We don't do auto-shipping at all.

From diana | 2017-10-14 23:42:41

how many ounces in a bottle?



From Genie Rosenblum | 2017-10-11 00:46:51

Can i just purchase 4 bottles of Bimat? You list the product in 1,3,6, and 12 month increments.


Yes, you can. Just put 4 in the quantity field and press Add to cart

From May | 2017-09-25 23:04:41

What is the shipping cost to Hawaii1 of One bottle of careprost?



From DJ | 2017-07-11 04:33:19

Do you take Visa?


Yes we accept Visa

From Lari | 2017-07-06 18:45:16

Does Bimatoprost come with brushes?


It comes without brushes

From Shari | 2017-06-16 15:29:29

Do I need a prescription?


No, we don't require a prescription for this product

From Dallas | 2017-04-14 00:23:07

I am about ready to order the careprost how long is it going to take for me to receive my product? Do you have it in stock? last time I ordered this product it took almost 2 months to get it.


Dear Dallas, The product is in stock and can be shipped immediately.

From Cyndi | 2017-04-07 03:25:07

Do you need a prescription for generic Latisse?


We do not require a prescription for generic Latisse

From JEAN STAFFORD | 2017-04-03 21:23:56

After reading other questions on your site, it seems as if "Careprost" does not come with an applicator (hard to figure out why this is the case). Is it true that I need to purchase a brush for this product?


Yes, Careprost comes without a brush.

From Linda Dunn | 2017-01-05 18:40:56

Does your generic Latisse have the same ingredients as the FDA approved Latisse?


Dear Linda, Yes the ingredients are the same as in Latisse

From b.paul | 2016-12-30 20:44:46

quantity in bottle?


The bottle contains 3 ml of the product

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