The Wonders of Stretch Mark Removal Creams

May.09, 2012

 Women get easily annoyed with unpleasant formation of stretch marks. Good thing though that most of this marks appeared in areas of our body that is less exposed. If you are one of the many women who had unwanted stretch marks, do not be anxious, there are options available to effectively fade its appearance and color. But before choosing what option that is best for you, it is important to investigate how stretch mark creams work wonders in regaining the beauty of your skin.

How stretch marks is formed  

Stretch marks otherwise called “striae” in medical lingo are formed because of the changes in the person’s hormones which usually takes place during pregnancy and puberty. Everybody passed the puberty phase but the formation of stretch marks varies on each person because each individual has a unique genetic composition. Some people are genetically blessed not to have stretch marks problem, but almost 90 % of the adult population had encountered this skin flaw. Fortunately, this does not cause of a worry because this simple cosmetic concern can be solved with either natural homemade treatments or stretch marks creams.

Stretch marks treatment        

Stretch marks can be removed in different methods and treatment. It all depends on how much budget you want to invest in this procedure. The costly procedure like laser treatment and tummy tuck are widely availed of by people who are in the upper class and those who have high tolerance to pain. But before deciding which procedure you want to take, always check with your insurance company whether any of this procedure is covered by their policy.

Natural treatment

Treating stretch marks the natural way is considered the safest and cheapest way to say goodbye to your unwanted stretch marks. However, the effort is all yours to take. With extra dedication and discipline, you will gain success in this method. Use the following natural treatment tips:

  • Establish a healthy nutrition: increase your daily water intake. Eat healthy foods rich in Vitamin E, C, olive oil, borage oil. Maintain regular rest and sleeping period at least 8 hours.
  • Skin Exfoliation: release the pressure of your skin through exfoliation so that your skin’s dead cells will be replaced with new health ones. Oatmeal and honey scrub may be used in the process.

Stretch marks removal cream 

Stretch marks removal creams are abundantly available in the market today. Although most of them claimed to effectively vanish stretch marks, but few are proven effective to do the magic. Here are some of the creams that has effectively do the work of improving stretch marks problems:

  • Tretinoin Creams – this cream works in improving the color and appearance of stretch marks by rebuilding the skin’s collagen. Effective topical treatment for stretch marks that is in its early stage.
  • Retinoid Creams – Also effective in increasing collagen formation. Best used when stretch marks is yet in the early stage of formation.
  • Glycolic Acid – Also increases collagen production. Its primary ingredient aides in removing the upper skin layer.

All medications have its certain side effects, it is essential to seek medical help before indulging a product.

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