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Viagra and a healthy lifestyle

Jan.13, 2010

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Viagra is in many ways is a unique preparation. The active ingredient of Viagra – Sildenafil citrate has first been developed for treatment of pulmonary hypertension and has shown unique properties in fighting erectile dysfunction during clinical trials. But why is the drug so unique?  Firstly due to its high efficacy, the drug affects completely natural mechanism of erection and exerts a minimal number of side-effects. The effect of the preparation on the quality of life in men is also significant. An impression may even be formed that the effects of Viagra on life quality are so evident that a study to determine the fact is not needed. The founders of modern sexology William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson have first determined the connection between erectile dysfunction and psychological disorders in men.

Acne. Acne treatment for you

Jan.13, 2010

Acne treatment Nowadays millions of people suffer from different skin diseases. These may be dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and of course acne. Acne is one of the most widespread disease on Earth. Most people think that acne is a temporary condition that passes with age. But actually it is a serious skin disease that needs to be treated.  If acne is not treated it can lead to many unpleasant complications. Acne is an illness of oil glands. Skin contains pores (narrow holes) that connect to oily glands through specific canals called follicles. Sometimes these follicles are clogged up with dead cells and sebum(oily substance produced by oily glands) then skin inflammation occurs.


Jan.13, 2010


Nearly five decades have been passed since piracetam was discovered firstly by scientists at the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB led by Dr Corneliu E Giurea. The drug was first called  nootropic by dr. Giurea, with the meaning: acting on the mind, due to substances which enhance mental performance, increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, slow down brain aging, and improve dementia, dyslexia and Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome. One tablet contains an active substance: piracetam. Nootropil was launched clinically by UCB in the early 1970s and remains an important product of that company in Europe.

Nootropil is primarily used in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. The drug is legal to import into the United Kingdom and the United States for personal use with or without prescription. It became popular as a cognitive enhancement drug among students, who often buy it in a great amount as a powder and then consume it with orange or grapefruit juice to avoid bitter taste. A two week regimen of Nootropil was found to increase verbal memory in healthy college students in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

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